Sixth Annual Psychedelic Film And Music Festival Screenings Announced

The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival has announced the program for its sixth annual event, with a lineup of science fiction and fantasy films, documentaries, music videos, and a screenplay competition. Screenings will be held from October 20-22 at the Producers Club Theaters in Midtown Manhattan, with passes available here.

The mission of the festival is to raise awareness about the psychedelic experience through media and meditative practices, with an emphasis on exploring creativity and self-expression.

“The festival offers an array of films, talks, and documentaries where kindred souls and good ideas collide,” said event director Daniel Abella. “Our goal is to educate and entertain attendees about how psychedelic practices are approached, which will allow for new pathways towards everyday life.” By offering a wide range of entertainment and imagery, the festival hopes to enlighten audiences’ perspective of their own identities.

The schedule follows the jump.


Producers Club Theaters (358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036)

Block 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

5:30PM – 7PM EST


  • Director: Alexis Herrera, Colombia, 24 min
  • A lonely illusionist spends gray afternoons imagining Galatea, his missing assistant and muse, and even feels her hypnotic, pale gaze stalking him, as if patiently waiting for him to finish configuring his great act, an illusion that can make her appear again. For the illusionist this has become an obsession that has taken away his sleep.

Nirvana (2023)

  • Director: Nikolas Keskilammi
  • Finland, 48 min
  • A trio sets out for a drug-filled quest during New Year’s Eve when one of them spirals into a terrifying drug trip and overdoses after which it is up to his two friends to save his life and bring him back from madness.

Block 2: Welcome to the Psychodrome


Jenny’s Absinthe (2023)

  • Director: Gregor Gašperin, Slovenia, 12 min
  • A catfishing troll finds himself on the wrong side of the hook.

Lux Chroma (2022)

  • Director: Kwokyong Ng, Malaysia, 11 min

Hallowstide (2018)

  • Director: Steve Socki, United States, 4 min
  • Dreamy, haunting forms transform, then ascend into a new spiritual world.


  • Director: Peixian Wu, United States, 7 min

The Other Mind: AI and Psychedelics (2023)

  • Director: Gregory David Bart, United States, 15 min
  • A radical and illuminating approach to AI: what if real answers to shaping an AI future can be found in psychedelics and our shamanic heritage?

Red Yellow Blue (2023)

  • Director: Julia E. Cooke, United States,18 min
  • A girl gets haunted by her own demons as we follow her through her colorful, surreal, bizarre descent into insanity

Mothership (2023)

  • Director: Joe Burrascano, United States, 4 min
  • An intergalactic god wakes up on a barren planet with no memory of who he is or where he comes from.

Wizinski’s AC Service (2023)

  • Director: Michael Andrew Swastek, United States, 9 min
  • An eccentric man’s prank leads to eternal torture.

Inisiya (2023)

  • Director: İpek Elif Aytar, Turkey, 3 min
  • In a psychedelic universe, a jade stone from space crashes into a planet where the long-legged blue goat lives. The crash creates enormous cracks in the ground, and the goat and the stone fall into the void of darkness through the cracks.

Black No. 1 (2022)

  • Director: Logan Fry United States, 2 min
  • “Black No. 1” is one film in a series of conceptual, minimalist films. These films seek to do for film what Agnes Martin and Ad Reinhardt did for painting, in such works as “White Stone” (1964), “Ultimate Painting” (1963), and what John Cage did for music in 4 ’33”.

LAWLA (2022)

  • Director: Guillaume Simonin, Belgium, 5 min
  • “Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.” — Jean Cocteau.

Block 3: Feature Presentation

9PM – 11PM EST

Jimmy Alfredo (2021)

  • Director: Tyler AM, United States, 77 min
  • A cynical introvert joins a handsome vagabond on an LSD-fueled odyssey to, allegedly, meet the devil.


Producers Club Theaters (358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036)

Block 1: Documentary Presentation

10:30AM – 12PM EST

The Bytes Dreams Are Made Of (2022)

  • Director: Alessandro Amaducci, Italy, 67 min
  • The dream world of the digital machine manifests itself on the computer screen as a stream of images and sounds that spreads over the network. The streaming of digital consciousness.

Block 2: Free Workshop

12PM – 1:30PM EST

The Phoenix Process

  • This psychedelic experience uses music and meditation to invoke a rebirth experience.

Block 3: Psychedelic Feature

1:30PM – 3PM EST

The Child of Plomo (2021)

  • Director: Daniel Dávila, Chile, 67 min
  • Waking from a mysterious dream, Mateo drags Scarlett, his babysitter, away from the Andean ski resort where he’s spending the holidays with his parents in search of an unknown place. His quest becomes Scarlett’s as the call of the mountains intensifies. Pristinely poetic, the film illustrates a major Inca ritual, bridging past and present.

Block 4: Our Vanishing World


Onanya (2022)

  • Director: Paris Tume, United Kingdom, 63 min
  • In the verdant, lush jungles of the Amazon, a tribe of indigenous people has lived in harmony with their surroundings for millennia. The Shipibo tribe has learned the secrets of the earth, honing their knowledge to transform the native flora into powerful medicines that can cure any sickness. But their peaceful existence is threatened.

Biognosis (2022)

  • Director: Greg Hemmings, Canada, 32 min
  • The McKenna Academy’s BioGnosis project aims to renovate and digitize an immensely important collection of 150,000 biological specimens currently housed at the Herbarium of the Amazon in Iquitos, Peru. The herbarium includes vital knowledge on how the indigenous people use the plants for healing.

Block 5: Psychedelic Sci-Fi and Supernatural Shorts


Cremantique (2022)

  • Director: Remy Powell Lamont, United Kingdom, 4 min
  • “Cremantique” is a supernatural short film exploring isolation, sleep paralysis, and that haunting carnival of late-night anxious thoughts, ringing like an operatic chorus line of evil puppets in your head.

Dementia 29 (2022)

  • Director: Ben Manhanke, United States, 24 min
  • A young woman uses her psychic powers to make a living.

Acid King – Beyond Vision (2023)

  • Director: Dalan McNabola, United States, 8 min
  • Inspired by “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Carl Sagan, and LSD, the video asks what would happen if instead of the Voyager Golden Record, the new Acid King record was sent off into space?

Hearing Voices (2022)

  • Director: Debra Knox, United States, 22 min
  • A schizophrenic woman battles the destructive voices that seek to dominate her amidst seeking love and acceptance in a crumbling inner world.

Shadow on the Terrace (2023)

  • Director: Bo-wei Ling, Taiwan, 19 min
  • Qi has a fear of marriage. When he and his girlfriend Qian move into an old house with a large terrace. Qian suddenly has gone, and there seems to be something wrong here.

Tears of the Witch (2022)

  • Director: Poul Erik Madsen Denmark, 22 min
  • A story takes place in three different time periods. Slowly we discover the horrifying truth that emerges, as everyone unknowingly steps into the witch’s trap.

Flesheater (2023)

  • Director: Sean Bayles, United States, 4 min
  • When a science experiment goes horrifically wrong, Pat & Mac are called in to fix it with the power of rock music.

Enter the Room (2022)

  • Director: Harry Waldman United States, 15 min
  • A young adult (Brian) is visited by his brother, Jeremy, who needs a place to stay as he settles into his new city. The two polar opposite personalities begin to clash as Jeremy’s presence poses a threat to Brian’s way of life. Bad blood, stemming from a traumatic past event reveals the shocking truth of the brothers’ current situations

Way of the Season (2023)

  • Director: Steven Palassis, United States, 4 min
  • A rumination on the day’s convoluted, technology- driven media and how it’s influencing us to become as “personable” as the technology itself.

Block 6: Psychedelic Dimensions

7PM- 9:30PM EST

Matthew Modine’s I Am What You Imagine (2023) — EAST COAST PREMIERE

  • Director: Matthew Modine, United States, 7 min
  • This short film is a sensual exploration of the unexplainable. Featuring the voice talents of Ruby Modine and long-time Kubrick collaborator Leon Vitali in his final performance, the short uses sound, music, and expressionistic imagery to take viewers on a journey of the heart and mind.

Follow Up (2022)

  • Directed: Al Cerulo, Jude Traxler, United Stateas, 9 min
  • “Followup” begins a series of avant-garde works by Echo Artifact for our 4th studio album. Beginning with original, abstract film footage, we created elaborate videos without sound; and visual narrative without specificity.

Wildfires (2023)

  • Director: Peter Hriso, United States, 2 min

Slow Dive Documentary (2023)

  • Director: Matt Levin, United States, 28 min
  • Matt Levin interviews members of the famous Shoegaze Band Slow Dive.

Polychron Plus feat. Anna Domino’a Pocketknife (2022)

  • Director: Domenico Morreale, Italy, 4 min 
  • “Pocketknife” is the music video for Polychron Plus’ song featuring Anna Domino, taken from the album Polychron+ “She’s always been there.”

Neshamah (2016)

  • Director: Joao Pedro Oliveira, Portugal, 12 min 
  • Neshamah is a Hebrew word that means “breath.” This piece was inspired by the following biblical text: “Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature” (Genesis 2:7).

Bento Banana (2023)

  • Director: Ari Grabb, United Statea, 10 min
  • An animated web series about a talking artificially intelligent banana and his eggplant sidekick existing within a procedurally generated anime that appears to be mysteriously glitching.

Shamans (2018)

  • Director: Santiago Echeverry, United States, 4 min 
  • Shamans is the portrait of 4 artists living and working in London, UK.

La Isla (2020)

  • Director: Totemworlds (Katan R Lamarque) Mexico, 4 min
  • An art film that invites you to explore a mystical place: a sacred dimension beyond time and space that celebrates Gods, goddesses and religious beliefs around the globe and throughout time.

Exit Into The Masquerasium (2022)

  • Director: Larry Sanborn, United States, 4 min
  • My focus is to create 360/VR healing visuals/meditations that allow the mind/body to heal itself by changing the frequency of brain waves, which affect every cell in your body, shifting the vibration from dis-eased to being at ease.

You, Us & I (2022)

  • Director: Diego Rico, United States, 12 min 
  • In an uncertain world, a mother tries to convince her daughter to come outside and return to normalcy.

KOO LA LAY LA (2022)

  • Director: Eric George Ekstrand, United States, 3 min
  • Psychedelic Song by Eric Ekstrand.

Block 7: Feature Presentation

9:30PM – 11PM EST

Lori and the Six Six Sixties (2023)

  • Director: Grant McPhee, United Kingdom, 70 min
  • “The Other Side of the Forest” is a fantasy pop-art fairytale starring Lori Stott (BBC’s The Demon Headmaster) and Ashley Sutherland. It is the tale of a shy young woman seeking fame in the dark work of the 1960s folk-music underground. Lori’s journey to stardom takes her on a journey far beyond the familiar music world she is trying to break into and instead breaks out to a forgotten past of rural landscapes, magic, myth, dead Gods, and mysterious fallen angels.”


Producers Club Theaters (358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036)


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