Skye Kingsbury Reviews: Ritter White Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

Ritter White Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

By Skye Kingsbury: This is my first time eating this variety of Ritter.

There’s very little scent. Most chocolate has a perfume. Milk chocolate has more of a scent than white and less than dark.

This chocolate smells like almost … nothing. It has a very faint floral scent and I’m pretty sure it’s the hazelnuts.

The chocolate is very good quality white chocolate. It’s smooth, creamy, melts in the mouth without being cloyingly sweet. Bad white chocolate builds up in the back of my throat and clogs it. This doesn’t. It’s yummy.

It’s also melting in my hands! It melts really fast, much quicker than a Hershey bar. I’m having to lick my fingers as I eat it.

There are whole hazelnuts and lots of them. They taste like freshly-cracked hazelnuts. Hazelnuts in every bite.

The chocolate has some texture, not just from the hazelnuts. It’s a bit of crunch. No idea what it is but I like it. It’s like crunching on granulated sugar in a really nice way. It’s a definite enhancement.


Dimitri was unimpressed.

This is really good and I recommend it.

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5 thoughts on “Skye Kingsbury Reviews: Ritter White Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

  1. I had this Ritter Sport bar recently, because the shop (a so-called Späti, i.e. a late night shop in Berlin) didn’t have my favourite variety Ritter Sport Olympia. And yes, it’s tasty.

    The reason this white chocolate is good is because it uses pure cocoa butter rather than stretching it with other vegetable fats. That’s also why it melts very quickly, whereas Hershey has very little cocoa butter.

    The crunchy component is puffed rice or cornflakes. I was a bit surprised, because I didn’t recall Ritter Sport whole hazelnut chocolate containing anything crunchy.

  2. I’m very fond of the Ritter bars because they are, without exception, be it the milk or dark chocolate (I’m not a white chocolate aficionado) all really excellent.

    I favor the dark chocolate myself with the Bittersweet Chocolate being my go to bar when I can find it. One of our regional Big Box discount stores based out of Rhode Island carries an extraordinarily large variety of Ritter bars, so I try to get there every so often.

  3. Do try Ritter Sport Olympia, if you can find it. It’s a long-time favourite, introduced sometime in (I think) 1984 to coincide with the Olympic Games.

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