SMOFcon Europe Update

SMOFcon Europe will be held in Lisboa, Portugal from December 3-5. The venue will be the VIP Executive Art’s Hotel.

SMOFcon is a convention for people who run conventions or are interested in doing so. 

The SMOFcon Europe team is: Cristina Alves, James Bacon, John “JC” Clarke, Tammy Coxen, Vincent Docherty, Sara Felix, Anna Gryzanova, Miguel Jorge, Marcin Klak, Elizabeth McCarty, Ricardo Pinto, Rogério Ribeiro, Carlos Silva, Paul Anthony Shortt, Marguerite Smith, and Paul Taylor.

The team’s vision for this year’s event is detailed in “Our approach”.

There will be a virtual component to the convention, and the team encourages everyone who wants to participate but is not yet sure about the feasibility of travel to visit the registration page and obtain Supporting/Virtual membership(s). It is possible to upgrade later to an Attending Membership. They say —

Knowing how many virtual members to expect will allow us to better plan for the online part of the convention. Our goal is to have a fantastic in-person convention but we know in these times things can change quickly. We will be sending out periodic updates to our members about travel and COVID related topics as they solidify more.

The current membership list is here.

Program suggestions can be submitted here.

Information and social media addresses:

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