Smofcon Scholarships Awarded

CanSMOF Inc., the parent organization of the 2009 Montreal Worldcon, has selected the recipients of two scholarships to attend Smofcon 32, a convention for conrunners. Jean-Louis Trudel of Quebec City and Jared Dashoff of Washington, D.C. will each receive 500 CAD to help defray the cost of attending Smofcon.

One scholarship was designated for a Canadian citizen or resident, while the second was open to anyone involved in running conventions, anywhere.

Smofcon 32 will be in Manhattan Beach, California from December 5-7.

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2 thoughts on “Smofcon Scholarships Awarded

  1. Jared Dashoff getting a scholarship to attend Smofcon? You have no idea how old that makes me feel.

  2. Want to feel older? He’ll be presiding over part of next year’s WSFS Business Meeting because he’s my deputy and I’ll have to recuse myself for one of the items of business because I’m the lead proponent of the motion.

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