Star Trek Interviews

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • Troi, Kira, and Dax talk about their action figures

  • Jeri Ryan talks about 3 the flaws of Seven of Nine

  • Seven and the Doctor talk about their characters

  • Alice Krieg talks about portraying the Borg queen

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3 thoughts on “Star Trek Interviews

  1. I’ve still got my highly unauthorized Deanna Troi—Nude plastic model kit that I bought when I went to the Glasgow Worldcon in 1995. Really should put it together and paint it up (still got the little bottle of Nude Fleshtone paint I bought to go with it).

    If I still had the box, with its color Xerox photo of the finished model, I bet it’d go for Big Bucks on eBay….

  2. Andrew Porter:

    You really struggle with understanding the difference between an appropriate post and an inappropriate post, don’t you? 🙄

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