Strangely Familiar

The Crotchety Old Fan’s site is well on its way to recovering from the depredations of several hijackers. What he’s learned is worth reading.

Crotchety’s sense of humor is back, too, as he shows in a post about two characters’ conversation about science fiction in a Riverworld novel by Philip Jose Farmer.

And at the moment, Crotchety’s blog is looking strangely familiar because he’s using WordPress’ default “Kubrick” theme, the same one I’ve relied on since the beginning.

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One thought on “Strangely Familiar

  1. The theme changed to something new the next day but it was an amusing coincidence while it lasted.

    And I apologize to Crotchety — he left a comment but it’s not here anymore. Presumably I hit the wrong button and thinking I’d approved it paid no attention when I deleted the actual trash. Only the second time I’ve ever done that, but I hate it when it happens.

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