Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2023 Finalists

The judging panel’s nominees for the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2023 have been announced. 


  • R B Lemberg, The Unbalancing (Tachyon Publications)
  • Simon Jimenez, The Spear Cuts Through Water (Del Rey)
  • Sara A Mueller, The Bone Orchard (Tor Books)
  • Ayọ̀délé Ọlọ́fintúàdé, Swallow (Masobe Books)
  • Nicola Griffith, Spear (
  • Sunyi Dean, The Book Eaters (HarperVoyager)
  • T. Kingfisher, Nettle and Bone (Titan Books)


  • Ciel Pierlot, Bluebird (Angry Robot)
  • Tochi Onyebuchi, Goliath (
  • EJ Swift, The Coral Bones (Unsung Stories)
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky, Eyes of the Void (Orbit Books)
  • Charlie Jane Anders, Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak (Titan Books)
  • Ray Nayler, The Mountain In The Sea (MCD Books)


  • Okwiri Oduor, Things They Lost (Simon & Schuster)
  • Eugen Bacon, Mage of Fools (Meerkat Press)
  • J M Miro, Ordinary Monsters (Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Neon Yang, The Genesis of Misery (Tor Books)
  • Lorraine Wilson, The Way The Light Bends (Luna Press)
  • Jo Harkin, Tell Me An Ending (Penguin Books)


  • Stewart Hotston, The Entropy Of Loss (NewCon Press)
  • Rhiannon A Grist, The Queen Of The High Fields (Luna Press)
  • Sam A Miller, Kid Wolf And Kraken Boy (Solaris Books)
  • Naseem Jamnia, The Bruising Of Qilwa (Tachyon Publications)
  • Gigi Ganguly, One Arm Shorter Than The Other (Atthis Books)
  • Paul Cornell, Rosebud (
  • Emily Bergslien & Kat Weaver, Uncommon Charm (Neon Hemlock)


The book critics responsible for this set of honors are –

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  2. I was going to say as I understand it, yes. However I don’t know if they send out a physical award. Someone else may know.

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