Suggested Design for Canadian Zine Award

R. Graeme Cameron is in the process of founding The Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards (nicknamed the “Faneds”) and has published the first suggested design for the trophy in The Fanactical Fanactivist #2 [PDF file]. It was submitted by Eric Chu from Hong Kong. Cameron explains:

In my original proposition I had described the backpack as a mimeograph machine shaped device, functioning as either a rocket or air supply system. On receiving his submission I wrote back:

“The fountain pen backpack rocket was definitely a surprise. Very retro and very appropriate to an old-fashioned faned. Were you thinking of all of it being sculpted? (The actual ink ‘nib’ or whatever it’s called looks complicated to sculpt.) Or were you thinking of a piece of an actual pen to be inserted in each award?

Eric replied: “Yes, I changed the jet pack to a pen because I felt that a mimeograph was a something that would not be easily recognizable to most people. I understand your reasons for requesting it, but in the end, I felt that a pen would get the same message across and also look better as a retro jet pack.”

I like the spirit of Eric’s design. However, The Graeme is still open to other suggestions – see the zine for more details.