Suncon Hugo Ceremony

An audio recording of the Hugo Awards ceremony at Suncon, the 1977 Worldcon, has been digitized and placed online by Michael Kerpan.

Hear the youthful voice of Robert Silverberg as he doles out the rockets!

This is the second of two tapes – the first is awaiting repair before it can be digitized.

9 thoughts on “Suncon Hugo Ceremony

  1. I’m pretty sure that somewhere I still have the vinyl LP of the banquet speeches at the 1968 Worldcon. Don’t remember if Hugos were given out too, but Silverberg was toastmaster that time too, IIRC.

  2. Hugos were given out, by the Toastmaster, at the Awards Banquet, at least through 1974. I don’t remember when the switch was made to a Ceremony separate from (or instead of) the banquet, but I think it must have been no later than 1983, because I think that I remember that ConStellation, in 1983, had a crab banquet that didn’t include the Hugos. Certainly, by 1992 the Hugos were being presented at a Ceremony and not a Banquet (1992 was the year that Spider Robinson got the Wrong Envelope, and gave the Best Fanzine award to the wrong person).

  3. The 1983 Hugo Awards Ceremony immediately followed the “food function”, so I think it safe to call it Hugo Awards Banquet. And as I recall that’s what called it.

  4. Thank you, Deborah King and Michael Kerpan, for recording this and putting it online!

  5. This awards ceremony comes from the times when my fannish activity was at its height. But that height didn’t involve actually meeting people in person, except for my college sf club and the occasional phone call. So it’s fascinating for me to hear people’s voices, and the pronunciation of their names — I didn’t know Phil Foglio’s name used a silent ‘g’!.

  6. Indeed. When he was one of Guests of Honor at Westercon 64, I was thinking of getting him a series of pictures of harbors: the Phil Foglio Port Portfolio.

  7. “I don’t remember when the switch was made to a Ceremony separate from (or instead of) the banquet”

    We did it the next year, at Iguanacon, in 1978, which was the first Worldcon to not be in a single hotel, as well as the first Worldcon to use a convention center; the Hugos and Masquerade were presented at the Civic Auditorium.

    Signed, guy who took everyone’s banquet ticket at the door in 1977 and then ran backstage to do the slide show for the awards having just been handed that job on the spot by Joe Siclari. (How lovely to find the slides were out of order….)

    Also signed, guy who made the bad call to ticket the Hugos and Masquerade in 1978; oh, those lines….

    I have audio of more or less every program item at Iguanacon, by the way, in mp3 form, that I’d love to get around to uploading to Teh Internetz. (It’s a ton of bandwidth.)

    Meanwhile, if anyone wants copies in CD form, I can make them for you for more or less cost.

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