Superhero Representation and Longevity

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • Asian superheroes

More videos follow the jump.

  • 5 superhero TV shows cancelled for the dumbest reasons

  • Longrunning superhero portrayals

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7 thoughts on “Superhero Representation and Longevity

  1. The second image at the start of the youtube video is Storm with mega-tits and nothing covering them other than her hands.

    Don’t post this sort of thing, it’s racist. And sexist.

    Don’t get defensive about being called out on posting something racist and sexist either. Just fix it.

    PS. The final image is also basically a boob shot, but of a white woman.

    PPS. I don’t care who made the originals. That’s not a defense. See point 3.

  2. Well, more bad on me. I thought I cut #2 after I read Josh Jasper’s comment this morning, but all I managed to cut was the intro line, not the link to the video. Apologies for leaving that out there all day. And for running it in the first place.

  3. I ran through both of the removed videos, on double-speed with the sound off, and the preview images don’t even actually appear in the videos.

    In other words, the naked women on the previews are just honey traps to suck people who are into that into watching the videos.


    Thanks for removing those, Mike.

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