TAFF Newsletter Online

The latest Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund newsletter is available here [PDF file].

It features Jim Mowatt’s explanation about aligning the next few TAFF races with targeted Worldcons, and explains how to nominate people as TAFF delegates.

3 thoughts on “TAFF Newsletter Online

  1. So, tell me who you want as your next candidate. There’s a fulcrum point where you can make a difference. A word here might stimulate someone into running for TAFF and from there to doing many splendid things for the fannish community. Do you know someone who is downright extraordinary. Should they be known to the wider fannish community. This is the opportunity. Put their names forward now.

  2. I see that the TAFF newsletter was (will be?) published with the aid of the File 770 time machine. Either that, or they’re dating the newsletters the way that newsstand magazines are dated, with the cover date being the date when the current issue should be taken down and replaced with the next issue.

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