TAFF Tally Five Star Final

Fans learned weeks ago that voters picked Chris Garcia to be the 2008 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate. Now the administrators, Suzle Tompkins and Bridget Bradshaw, have released the final voting tallies and a brief financial report.

The final ballot count increased to 180 because the administrators discovered more valid ballots after they originally announced a total of 174. The correct count includes 126 ballots from North America and 54 from Europe. A list of the voters, and a regional breakdown of where votes came from and who they went to, can be found in the latest TAFF report at http://taff.org.uk/.  

The unofficial TAFF site also has Chris Garcia’s preliminary itinerary: “He reports that so far he is: arriving on the 15th [March] and leaving on the 30th; traveling to various parts of the UK including Croydon on the 15th/16th, North London for the 17th/18th, and then to Eastercon. After the con, he is planning to visit folks in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.”

Chris Garcia has been sent $2,000 to work with and there still remains $7,982.23 in TAFF’s North American bank account, Suzle says in the report. Presumably there are also funds in the UK.

The delightful TAFF logo by Anne Stokes sparkles in the color version of the report. It has a counterpart in Alan White’s Down Under Fan Fund logo. How did the two funds manage so long without these distinctive signatures?

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