Taking a Byte Out of Crime

About 10 years ago there was a genre of so-called “useless websites” that did things like relay video of the office coffee pot. But now, in this Dickian age of ubiquitous surveillance, these are tools used against the corruption gnawing at our judicial system. Or, anyway, gnawing at its lunch.

A security guard and cleaning employee working at the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office were arrested Wednesday.

Their alleged crime? Taking food that wasn’t theirs.

The thefts were caught on video, according to court records.

“Most people whose break room lunches are stolen have to put up with it,” says David Klaus. “Not in the office of the Hamilton County (Ohio) Prosecuting Attorney, though, where taxpayers paid for a hidden camera so the county Sheriff could catch a janitor and a security guard doing Evil Doings with frozen pizza and soda pop. Nobody steals prosecutorial pizza and gets away with it in Hamilton County!”

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