Taking a Pounding

After hitting a 23-year low last week, the British pound has recovered some ground. Still, writes Andrew Porter, Monday’s $1.42 exchange rate is “far from the heady days a few months ago when the exchange rate was $2.04 to the pound. I know one person who has decided not to attend the Montreal worldcon because of the cost.”

Are British fans are finding it more of a struggle to attend North American cons this year?

Porter sighs, “I wish now I hadn’t engaged in my own little bit of currency manipulation, taking £300 home with me from my UK trip in October 2007.”

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One thought on “Taking a Pounding

  1. Fortunately, the Canadian dollar is not doing as well as the US dollar. Back when it was US$2.04 to the pound, it was about CAD$2 to the pound as well. A pound now only gets you US$1.40 or so, but still CAD$1.74, so it’s only down by a bit over 10% instead of 30%.

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