Nimoy Napkin Message Blots Up Cash

David Klaus reports that last weekend “A Leonard Nimoy-autographed napkin as seen on the sitcom Big Bang Theory was auctioned for the charity Beit T’Shuvah, which is a 12-Step Jewish residential recovery program in L. A.”

The Trekmovie site has the story:

…the Trek-crazy CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory incorporated the gift of a Leonard Nimoy autographed napkin into their Christmas episode. As it turns out, there really is a genuine Big Bang napkin signed by Nimoy, and it is being auctioned off for charity…

David adds: “At this link are further linked a clip from the show with the napkin, and a TV Guide clip with actor Jim Parsons talking about it. The show scene is very funny — I had avoided it, as I had heard it nastily stereotyped sf fans, but I may start watching it now.”

1 thought on “Nimoy Napkin Message Blots Up Cash

  1. Far from “nastily” stereotyping fans, I’d say “The Big Bang Theory” gets fandom pretty well. Not everything is fannish; the characters are techies and scientists. But the show’s clearly done with affection.

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