Thank You to the Sponsors of Park 770

On April 24, it was proposed that Filers, as a group, sponsor a park bench in the MidAmeriCon II Fan Village.

Response was so tremendous that we ended up sponsoring two parks, decorated with foliage and exotic miscellanea and benches with engraved plaques.

WIN_20160818_13_22_32_Pro (2)

WIN_20160818_13_21_48_Pro (2)

WIN_20160818_13_32_17_Pro (2)

WIN_20160819_13_58_03_Pro (2)

JJ set up a draft of this post for me, but I was hospitalized before I could finish editing the photos and working up the layout. Today is the day!

Thank You to the Filers who donated to sponsor Park 770:

list order created with a random-number generator — because how else would SF geeks do it???

  • Cathy Green
  • Lisa Harrigan
  • Heather Rose Jones
  • Stoic Cynic
  • DMS
  • Laura Watkins
  • Robin Reid
  • Travis Creason
  • Jim Henley
  • Kevin Chollman
  • Keith Stevenson
  • Willard Stone
  • Elise Matthesen
  • Lenore Jones
  • Linda Lewis
  • Susan Johnson
  • Christopher Gerrib
  • Soon Lee
  • Dawn Incognito
  • Hampus Eckerman
  • Tony Cullen
  • Bret Grandrath
  • Tasha Turner Lennhoff
  • Brian Vander Veen
  • Andrew Kuchling
  • JJ
  • Lowell Gilbert
  • Bonnie McDaniel
  • TYP
  • Levana Taylor
  • Mark-kitteh
  • Cassy Beach
  • bookworm 1398
  • StephenfromOttawa
  • Sylvia Sotomayor
  • Ursula Vernon
  • Naomi Kritzer
  • Greg Machlin
  • Doctor Science
  • Geoff Thorpe
  • Kendall
  • Charon Dunn
  • Doire
  • snowcrash
  • tofu
  • Simon Bisson
  • Mimse
  • Leslie C
  • Kimberly Kohn
  • Mike O’Donnell
  • Chris S
  • Cally Soukup
  • Lydia Nickerson

And, just to prove that we are truly a Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy, here are the SJW Credentials of Filer Donors:

Tasha Turner Lennhoff

  • Lucky

Tasha Turner Lenhoff and Lucky

Stoic Cynic

  • Princess and the Pea



  • Jake


Soon Lee

  • Tickee


Cally S.

  • Spats



  • T.B. Kahuna


Robin Anne Reid

  • Luthien


Guess what – the all black boy is Sooty. Minnie is no longer mini, but much reduced from her attempt to grow bigger than Sooty’s predecessor.


  • Minnie and Sooty


Doctor Science

  • Sneakers



  • Tweek and Penwiper (aka The Cat From Hell)



  • The Doctor and Sextus


jonesnori/Lenore Jones

  • Pogo, Betty, Shadow (of blessed memory), Magpie


Hampus Eckerman

  • Top left: Fred Lower left: Eddie Lower right: Dizze


Dawn Incognito

  • Tunafish


  • MissieMaya


Bonnie McDaniel

  • Sweetie



  • Sam and Bubba.


Naomi Kritzer

  • Emily
  • Balto
  • Cassie McFluff

(Pictured below: Cassie McFluff, aka Fluffypants.)


Sylvia Sotomayor

The cat is DC, which stands for “Dazed and Confused”, “Darn Cute”, “Damn Cat”, “Demanding and Complaining”, and anything else we can come up with. She’s 15 in this pic (16 now), and this shows her hanging out in the garden, waiting for a lizard to show up.



Here’s a pic of me and a couple of SJW Kitties guarding the TBR pile.

Er, Tigerman and Lionman?


Cassy B.

  • Sebastian


Heather Rose Jones

I don’t have a current SJW credential, but it occurred to me that “tree-hugger” is a SJW credential, so I supply here a picture of me and my huggable tree, which does not have a name.


(Apologies in advance for any mistakes; please send any corrections ASAP to mikeglyer [at]

12 thoughts on “Thank You to the Sponsors of Park 770

  1. Aw PETS!!!!!! 😀

    @Charon: I am impressed with/scared of T.B. Kahuna. Wow!

    @JJ: I like Penwiper’s alias; one of my other half’s two dear, departed cats was nicknamed “the demon spawn from hell.” 😉

    @Cheryl: Yay, doggies!

  2. A fine bunch of credentials indeed!


    Is Fred…er, I can’t make up my mind if that’s a skull with some kind of knitted something or other or actual taxidermy. ???

  3. Such impeccable credentials! Sneakers has a wicked smile, and Fred is very metal, and MissieMaya has an extremely kissable nose! All the rest of them are just as awesome, including that pretty green tree.

    The big Kahuna is about 32 pounds in that picture; he eats about 2/3 cup of kibble a day and keeping him trim is a constant struggle. Someone – I think it was Nick – got a Ragdoll cat as a patronus, and that’s what an extra large male Ragdoll looks like.

  4. I was going to say Charon wins on poundage, till I saw Heather’s.

    Those are all very fine kitties. (the doggies and the tree are good too)

  5. “I really have to ask what breed Hampus Eckerman’s Fred belongs to.”

    Fred is a Skull-faced Lynx.

  6. My greatest ambition has been achieved. My name is mentioned on File 770. There I am number 16. Sadly not a multiple of 5.

  7. Fred is a Skull-faced Lynx.

    Thank you. A new species to me. Specializes in keeping the mice down in haunted houses, no doubt

  8. Thank you Mike for inspiring us, JJ for setting up the GoFundMe, everyone who donated and decorated the park to make it a wonderful space embodying File770 spirit.

    So many great SJW credentials! Cat pictures… Winners all. 😀

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