The Bar’s My Destination

Geeks Are Sexy offers “Beam Me Up Scotchie: 10 Star Trek Themed Cocktails to Get Your Party Started”.

David Klaus says, “Some of these don’t sound half bad. I can see the look of approval William Shatner gave as James T. Kirk after trying Tranya.”

And no one would have to twist my arm to get me to order the Harry Mudd Slide.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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3 thoughts on “The Bar’s My Destination

  1. As someone noted in the comments there:

    “Ummm… Yeah. A blatant plug for Grant & Sons spirits.

    I wouldn’t be so non-plussed by it if the Buzz Feed author didn’t act like it was less than silly advertising.”

    Not to mention, debasing single-malt Scotch with…well, just about anything except water, is just plain wrong. As is making a mojito with gin. Gin! Revenge against the faux-tini? Wut?

  2. Remindsme how Len Moffatt used to threaten violence if any party guest dared to use his Chivas Regal in a mixed drink.

  3. Got to agree with Colin: Glenfiddich single malt is the real deal, and anyone who would “muddle it with figs” and vanilla liqueur probably should have their licence to drink it rescinded. There are loads of blended whiskies that’d give you a whisky/fig/vanilla flavour if you wanted one.

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