The Eagle Has Landed — Ekpeki Arrives at Chicon 8

He made it! Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki piled up enough miracles to get to Chicon 8 today.

Fiona Moore took this photo of Ekpeki at the Worldcon a short time ago. (Photo used by permission.)

While he was in transit last night Ekpeki was either keeping his spirits up – or ours – by cracking jokes.

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16 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed — Ekpeki Arrives at Chicon 8

  1. I hope getting through the airport went okay. There was a lot of time while he was in transit to go over news stories of CBP racist shenanigans.

  2. I am HAPPY to report that the return of Mr. Ekpeki’s luggage back to Nigeria was entirely and completely EXAGGERATED…’

    In fact, his luggage was forwarded from O’Hare Airport to the convention hotel!

    I encountered Mr. Ekpeki in the Dealer’s Room at the Galaxy’s Edge dealer’s table.
    There, I presented him with a gift from the Chicon 8 Press Office; a Dragon Ball Z Covid face mask…

    He looked extremely jet lagged but very happy to be at Chicon 8.

    More As It Happens,
    Chris B.

  3. To fully recreate the Steve Martin/John Candy movie, we need a train portion of the trip.

  4. Mega-excellent…I hope to see him here at Chicon 8 (and remind him of my Eastercon 2023 offer : previously made)…I am primarily in the Dealers Room on the stand for Eurocons for 2023 (Upsalla) and for 2024 –and 1 week after Glasgow Worldcon– (Rotterdam).

  5. Even the luggage? Yes, a miracle!

    But … via Ethiopia? Isn’t that going the wrong way? 🙂

  6. Very happy he got there at last! I wish it were easier. I gather the Ugandan bid committee members were less successful.

  7. So pleased he made it! It sounds like an exhausting series of travails to get here.

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