The Fred Patten Birthday Sale

fred-pattenHappy 75th birthday to Fred Patten, the pioneering anthropomorphic fiction scholar, critic, and anthologist!

In honor of the occasion FurPlanet Productions in Dallas, Fred’s primary publisher, has all six of his FurPlanet titles on sale this weekend.

From December 11-13, the six $19.95 trade paperbacks will be available at $15.00 each, 75% of the regular price.

Individually they are:

UrsaMajor-CoverL COMP

What Happens Next cover COMP



Anthropomorphic Aliens COMP

The Furry Future cover COMP

Antrh Century COMP

Four of these books also are available in electronic editions of from Bad Dog Books, FurPlanet’s ebook imprint. They will be on sale, too. Usually $9.95, you can buy them for $7.50 this weekend — The Ursa Major Awards Anthology, What Happens Next, Five Fortunes, and The Furry Future.

6 thoughts on “The Fred Patten Birthday Sale

  1. No offense, I hope, but these covers are a mixed bag.

    The cover to “Five Fortunes” is particularly problematic. The image is very busy and linear and the title seems to blend into it. The placement of picture elements is unfortunate; that school bus stop sign keeps looking like the rabbit is blowing bubblegum to me.

  2. As a contributor to a couple of those volumes above, no offense taken on my part, at least. I hadn’t really thought about that problem with the cover of Five Fortunes but now I probably won’t be able to unsee it…

    The art for The Furry Future is my favorite of these, which I’m pretty sure I’d say even if it wasn’t depicting my story’s main character (although I can’t pretend that doesn’t help). The Ursa Major Awards Anthology cover is pretty good, too.

  3. When I said it was a mixed bag I probably should have mentioned that some of it is very nice and none of it is awful.

  4. The cover to “Five Fortunes” by Terrie Smith is busy, but it is a detailed illustration of a very busy dramatic scene in one of the stories. The forest fire, the chain on the school bus, and the rabbit sheriff preparing to shoot are all part of the action. I like it very much. I agree that the placement of the bus’ “Stop” sign is unfortunate.

    To me, the worst thing about the illustration is that it makes the reader wonder how the surgically-biomodified rabbit-human hybrids could run or even stand up well on their toes, with those “jacklegs”.

  5. Furry Future positively reminds me of Albedo, which was the last major anthropomorphics work I read. Unless Digger counts, which I suppose it does.

    In any case, I’m glad that Fred Patton is still around- I remember him from my old days in fandom, and he was a good guy.

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