The Tolkien Society Awards 2020

The Trustees of The Tolkien Society have announced the winners of The Tolkien Society Awards 2020.

Best Artwork

  • The Professor” by Jenny Dolfen [T-shirt design for the Tolkien2019 event in Birmingham, UK]

Best Article

Best Book

Best Online Content

Outstanding Contribution Award

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3 thoughts on “The Tolkien Society Awards 2020

  1. I read the best article last week when its nomination was announced here. Good stuff!

  2. Congratulations to the winners, and WOW, that artwork’s wonderful! I just went to her site and she is really a superb artist, and also does non-Tolkien work. She’s top-notch, like I’m wondering if she’s done any pro work and I am making a note to watch her for possible Hugo nominations (pro or fan) next year.

    Some great stuff on her Patreon that’s visible to non-patrons, too. I’m already considering backing her, though wow, she has well over 1000 posts already, gah. A really adorable “Dungeons & Dormice” series of D&D character archetypes drawn as, yes, dormice; usually I don’t go for this sort of thing, but they’re wicked cool, so there you go.

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