This Week in Words: Worldconned

Colin Harris read someone claim on the Smofs list that there are people using “Worldcon” as a verb. He answered by creating this conjugation of the verb “to Worldcon”…

I worldconned this year, attended the Hugos and Masquerade and had fannish fun.”

You went to an SF convention and were a bit nerdy.”

He wasted a weekend with a bunch of badly dressed people with beards and glasses.”

(Harris chaired Interaction in 2005, so he is a fully qualified Worldcon artist.)


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4 thoughts on “This Week in Words: Worldconned

  1. You’re onto something. “Friends don’t let friends get Worldconned.”

  2. Has there ever been a convention called Conjugation? (Perhaps a joint Worldcon/MLA event?)

    Don’t get me started on “Friends don’t let friends get Worldconned.” (chorus of voices in background: “Don’t get him started! Don’t get him started!”) After thirty years, I still have occasional minor episodes of being PISSed. (Post Iguanacon Stress Syndrome)

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