This Year’s Pet Rock

Everyone’s going to want one of these — The Alien Abduction Lamp!

The Alien Abduction Lamp

The Alien Abduction Lamp

Featuring energy saving LEDs, a perspex beam and a “Removable Bovine Abductee,” the lamp is housed in a greenish cockpit piloted by glow-in-the-dark aliens.

What some of us might call the on/off switch is, in a masterpiece of copywriting, designated the “3-stage UFO Control antenna, on/off and pulse.”

Equally glorious is the “Ultra non-slip base featuring real fake grass.”

Send your letter to Santa before he runs out!

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One thought on “This Year’s Pet Rock

  1. In that photo, something about the geometry of secondary and tertiary reflections gives us multiple levitating cows. I like it.

    Is this thing available in the U.S. (in a version that runs on our power mains) yet?

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