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A&cfrankJune 15, 1948:Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein released.

My favorite quote:

Chick Young: You’re making enough noise to wake up the dead!

Wilbur Grey: I don’t have to wake him up. He’s up.

The two best mistakes:

  • Dracula’s reflection can be seen in the mirror when he makes Dr. Mornay his next victim. In previous Universal horror films, (notably Lugosi’s Dracula and House of Dracula with John Carradine), the undead could be recognized because they cast no reflection. However, this bit of lore had not been established within the context of the Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein script.
  • When the Frankenstein Monster breaks free of his bonds on the operating table in the climactic chase/fight scene, one of his neck electrodes clearly pulls off of his neck.

Did you know? Originally the Mummy was to be included in the cast of monsters, but the idea was eventually dropped.

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  1. These errors always amuse me. Shows really well that what you see is as much what you don’t see because your brain just smooths it out or interprets it out of existence.

    I got all nostalgic reading the post. (I remember watching Abbott & Costello and Three Stooges, even Laurel and Hardy growing up).

  2. Okay. A weird story, but I really have no place else to tell this, and this post spurs me…

    The other day, I was at an actors event, a tribute to someone, and sitting in the row in front of me, was an old pal, Will Jordan.

    Will is famed as a mimic, but he’s also a good actor. You know him from playing Ed Sullivan in about a gazillion mvies and such.

    Will got called on , to speak, but he had unexpectedly had to leave.

    People were looking around.

    I said, quietly, so only those immediately around me could here:

    “Ah. Will’s doing his Claude Rains impression.”

    The good looking red headed gal just in the seat in front of me, looked back, a little confused.

    I said, much to the entertainment of those my age sitting more closely, and probably in a slighly Carsoneque, voice:

    “Well, you see. Claude Rains was a big star once. He starred in THE INVISIBLE MAN.”

    The beauty was still perplexed.

    “And now Will isn’t here. Invisibe. He’s doing a great Claude Rains.”

    But, you know.Once you have to explain…


    Now, here’s the bonus trivia qestion:

    Who VOICED The Invisible Man, in a later movie when Abbott and Costello, were in the row boat?

  3. Vin cent Price.

    Anyway, There was also a point where Lou, when the candle was going here and there, said “Abbot…” One of them mistakes that seems natural.

    Pity Will Jordon did only one solo stand up comedy LP. And it has a monster routine on it.

  4. Someone did tell me over the weekend–one of them co incidental stories–that Glenn Strange (the monster) broke his foot while doing the last scenes of the monster on the pier (which was on fire) and was replaced by Lon Chaney jr. in full monster make up. I can’t tell. Anyone know the story?

  5. I also recall that this film has many preserved outtakes where Lou Costello blows a line and lets out a blue streak. Or he leads Lon Chaney into a good delivery then mugs into the camera, effectively destroying the take.

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