Today’s Birthday Boy 3/22

riverside-iowa-photoBorn March 22, 2233: James Tiberius Kirk

And that momentous event-to-come will take place in the heartland. Drivers can rely on Roadside America to steer them straight to the spot, but there seems to be a difference of opinion on how long we have to wait for him to be born:

James T. Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise, will be born in Riverside on March 22, 2228. A plaque behind a former barber shop marks the spot for present (and future) fans. Riverside wanted to put up a bronze James T. Kirk bust, but Paramount wanted $40K to license the image. Instead, a scale model of the “USS Riverside,” which bears a remarkable (but not legally indemnible) resemblance to the USS Enterprise, is docked in the town park.

The monument says 2228. The Wikipedia, relying on Michael Okuda’s Star Trek Chronology The History of the Future, says 2233. I vaguely remember seeing this discrepancy before, unfortunately I don’t remember the explanation.

Roadside America also smirks, “Now that Riverside’s claim has been nailed down, the real challenge begins: Riverside must breed Kirk. This is a farm community; its people know about husbandry.”

In fact, the town already has one fellow billing himself as a “future ancestor” of Captain Kirk…

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  1. It would be amusing if William Shatner stipulated in his will that he is to be buried in Riverside, Iowa, under this headstone. But I guess that would be way too geeky…

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