Top 10 Posts for February 2015

In February readers returned day after day to follow developments in science fiction’s culture war. And what did I do in the war?

  • Announced Brad Torgersen’s release of the Sad Puppies 3 Hugo recommendations.
  • Reported that the author of a story touted by Sad Puppies 3 asked to be dropped from the list because he didn’t like being associated with some of the attitudes embraced by two of its prominent backers.
  • Poked fun at Larry Correia’s appeal for help in finding insults people had written about him for use by a pair of writers in an article about the politicization of the Hugo Awards.
  • Recommended my own radical formula for finding Hugo nominees: Actually read stuff and if it deserves an award write it down.
  • Looked over the Locus Recommended Reading List and couldn’t understand how dozens and dozens of works were worth a mention, but absolutely none from Baen Books.
  • Observed with amazement commenters at Mad All The Time Genius Club taking absolutely literally the satirical opening of “Why You’re Not A Fan”, raging at its fake Fannish Purity Panel (which several assumed was real), and turning up their noses at its real message about the wide-open doors of fandom.
  • Said my piece about Larry Correia’s attack on Tempest Bradford’s reading challenge. Went 15 rounds with my own commenters. Spent some time on the canvas but kept getting back up.

Finally, discovered somebody found a topic so hot that File 770 got its first-ever hits from DoNotLink. Never did track down the source of those – I guess it worked!

Here are the top 10 posts for February according to Google Analytics.

  1. Larry Correia Channels His Inner Dogberry
  2. Author Dave Creek Declines Sad Puppydom
  3. Why You’re Not A Fan
  4. The Day After The Book Bomb Dropped
  5. Sad Puppies Wag Their Tales
  6. Another Day at the Kerfuffle Factory
  7. 2015 Locus Recommended Reading List Appears
  8. Supanova Boycott Controversy
  9. Kameron Hurley’s Further Comments on the Relationship Between Awards and Sales
  10. How To Nominate for the Hugos

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for February 2015

  1. Well, I did make the same suggestion about reading a book and if liked enough, to nominate it, a few days before you wrote and assembled your flowchart. The flow chart was a better presentation.

  2. I enjoyed what you had to say on the subject. So much of what is appearing about the Sad Puppies is from their side it’s nice to get a hint of balance now and then.

    I thought your “are you a real fan?” post was quite clearly satire, and was puzzled to see them flashover about it. But then, I thought Scalzi’s “you can’t take back what you already have” post was friendly and welcoming, and they flashed over about that also, so go figure.

  3. Hey, people misread Toni Weisskopf as saying only readers of Heinlein were true fans—this when she explicitly said otherwise in that essay—so taking (pretending to take?) the “Fannish Purity Panel” seriously is a relatively small matter.

  4. You should challenge the sad puppies organizers to go to worldcon. I dont think they normally go. Alot of lefty arguments would ah hah this shows they are full of it. That gives merrit to their argument that you dont want them there. The counter argument should be show respect for the organizers, go to worldcon and sit on panels. Try to disprove the argument with inclusion. Yes they are free to go. However, it counters the claim by saying, ok you got nominated, now you have an obligation to the fans and the volunteers who run worldcon to go.

  5. Attending WorldCon is no guarantee one will be invited to be on panels, even if one is a published author. That said, the ratio of people not on panels to people on panels is so high one can be sure nobody would suggest a shadowy agenda should this author or that not get a spot on a panel.

  6. Hey you’re right. I even read that before, I just hadn’t checked what was linked to my name. Thanks for solving the mystery.

  7. It’s been a busy month! I suspect that the next “flare” is going to be when the Hugo Nominations are announced. Yeah, I’m expecting fireworks across fandom, then.

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