Top 10 Posts for March 2021

Sometimes the news is good! Peter S. Beagle and his ownership group got back control of much of his IP after years of delay caused by his ex-manager resorting to bankruptcy proceedings. The result was enthusiastically welcomed by social media.

Other welcome news was SFWA’s announcement of the Nebula Awards finalists, and C.J. Cherryh winning the Heinlein Award.

Another post about litigation was the second most-read in March, with links to copies of court filings seeking summary judgment to end Jon Del Arroz’ defamation suit against the 2018 Worldcon.  

Here are the ten most-frequently-read posts for March 2021 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Peter S. Beagle and Ownership Group Regain Control of Rights to His Work Following Sale Approved by Bankruptcy Court
  2. Worldcon 76 Filings for Summary Judgment in Del Arroz Defamation Suit Now Online
  3. SFWA Announces the 56th Annual Nebula Awards® Finalists
  4. C. J. Cherryh Wins 2021 Robert A. Heinlein Award
  5. Pixel Scroll 3/4/21 And All The Scrolls Are Full Of Pix
  6. Pixel Scroll 3/3/21 The Pixels Are Due On Scroll Street
  7. Pixel Scroll 3/7/21 You’ve Got Tribbles! Right Here In Riverworld City!
  8. Wishing William Shatner A Happy 90th Birthday
  9. What Did You Nominate For The 2021 Hugo Awards?
  10. Pixel Scroll 3/2/21 What Is Pixel, But Scroll Persevering

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