Top 10 Posts For May 2010

If you can imagine how many people ran web searches looking for information about the end of the TV series Lost it won’t be difficult for you to imagine why a post about the prop auction which coincided with the final episode generated over 800 hits in a 48-hour period.

Otherwise, May’s top stories reflect the usual fascination with the Hugo Awards. There is also a sustained interest in Peter Watts’ and Cheryl Morgan’s harsh experiences with authorities while either departing or entering the U.S.

Here is the complete Top 10 list of most frequently viewed posts for May 2010, according to Google Analytics.

1.  Lost Prop Auction Coming in May 2010
2. Peter Watts Receives Suspended Sentence
3. Just an Innocent Question
4. Aussiecon Hugo Voter Packet Available
5. Last of Lost
6. Votes Actually Matter, You See
7. Cheryl Morgan Refused Entry to US
8. Martian Chronicles From Subterranean Press
9. Bushyager Novels Available Again
10. How Did I Not Know This?

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