Top 10 Posts For September 2017

Contentions over Dragon Con and the Dragon Awards vaulted several Scrolls and other posts into September’s Top 10 – including Chris Barkley’s column of advice on how to fix them. Jerry Pournelle’s death notice was visited by many mourners. And less predictably, other topics like the launching of the Bodega company and its perceived threat to local shops lit a fire under the discussion on other days.

  1. 2017 Dragon Awards
  2. Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/3/17 The Alpha Ralpha Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/16/17 We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun, ‘Til Her Daddy Scrolls The Pixel Away.
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/9/17 The Map Is Not The Epic Fantasy Just As The Pixel Is Not The Scroll
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/5/17 For Sale: Baby Pixels. Never Scrolled
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/12/17 There Are As Yet Insufficient Pixels For A Meaningful Scroll
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/17/17 You Cannot Move This Pixel. It Is Still Used By A Scroll On Your Computer
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/4/17 Little Miss Muffet Sat On A Pixel. Along Came A Scroll.
  10. Pixel Scroll 9/11/17 Can He Bake A Pixel Pie, Charming Mikey?

And here is the Scroll-free Top 10…does there seem to be an echo?

  1. 2017 Dragon Awards
  2. Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)
  3. Best Series Hugo: Eligible Series from 2017
  4. Women Hurt By Chairs, Bottles Thrown From Dragon Con Hotel
  5. Announcing: The Worst Movie Golden Bracket
  6. Source Materials About the 1989 Hugo Controversy
  7. When The Received Wisdom Is Wrong
  8. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #16
  9. Why Amazing Stories Isn’t Back on NBC
  10. Take A Knee Playing Out in SFF Media

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