Top 10 Stories for November 2023

When Dann asked, “Omitting collected works, who are the top 5 authors in your library by number of books on your shelves?” a lot of Filers wanted to play along, which made the November 12 Scroll the most popular post of the month.  

And the leading non-Scroll post was Steve Vertlieb’s short report on attending The JFK Assassination at 60 symposium, which stirred many memories.

Here are the ten most widely-read posts of November 2023 according to dreaded Jetpack.

  1. Pixel Scroll 11/12/23 Baby Pixels Are Ever So Adorable Wrapped In Their Scrolls While Being Loved By Filers One And All
  2. Pixel Scroll 11/15/23 File The Pixels You Scroll With Your Scrolls
  3. Pixel Scroll 11/7/23 Pixel Scrollightly Seems Like A Good Character Name
  4. Pixel Scroll 11/14/23 Give Me Forty Pixels And I’ll Scroll This Rig Around
  5. Pixel Scroll 11/26/23 Three Little Muah’Dib’s From Dune Are We
  6. Pixel Scroll 11/27/23 What’s In The Daily Scroll? I’ll Tell You What’s In The Daily Scroll — An Item About A Credential Who Didn’t Pay Their Air-And-Gravity Dues And Now Has Got Those Vacuum Blues
  7. Pixel Scroll 11/4/23 Pixels Of The Night, From Pixelated Pixelvania
  8. Pixel Scroll 11/21/23 I Spent A Year Pixeled For Scroll Purposes
  9. Pixel Scroll 11/9/23 If You Tape Bacon To A Pixel Scroll Does It Always Fall Bacon Side Down?
  10. Pixel Scroll 11/2/23 Three Files, Three Scrolls, Three Thousand Pixels


  1. The JFK Assassination At 60: New Frontiers In Scientific, Medical, Legal And Historical Research
  2. James Bacon on Dublin Riot
  3. My Most Memorable Moment at the Chengdu Worldcon
  4. Sergey Lukyanenko Says He Will Visit Chengdu in December
  5. British Library Exhibition: Fantasy: Realms of Imagination
  6. Goodreads Choice Awards 2023 Opening Round Nominees
  7. Remembering Fans Who Were Activists in Real World Politics and the Counter Culture
  8. The Last Dangerous Visions Progress Report
  9. 2023 Hugo Award Winners
  10. A File 770 Chengdu Worldcon Special: Jody Lynn Nye and Chris M. Barkley In Conversation – The “Ask A US Fan” Panel

One thought on “Top 10 Stories for November 2023

  1. Thanks, Mike, but credit where it is due. I found it as a meme on X and just figured that Filers would enjoy the exercise.

    Coolidge is dead – “How could they tell? – Dorothy Parker

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