Top 20 Posts of 2016

Happy New Year! Here are the most-viewed posts from the past year with notes explaining what helped make them so.

While I was laid up in the hospital, Filers rallied around to keep the place buzzing and did such an awesome job some of these posts had the most traffic of the year.

This was the place to look if you wanted to know how many Rabid Puppy nominees landed on the final Hugo ballot.

This Scroll was the last one up before I was hospitalized, and with service interrupted got about a week’s worth of hits.

Another all-hands effort with a lot of participation.

This report tried to satisfy curiosity about the Dragon Awards ceremony.

Vivienne Raper debating people about Sad Puppies drew large numbers of comments, and follow-up discussion about Mark Oshiro’s ConQuest complaints (see #8) accounted for the rest.

Somebody who didn’t realize the public could read them planning to disrupt Goodreads ended up getting the Rabid Puppies Group and Vox Day booted from the site 36 hours after they set up shop.

Two-time Hugo nominated fanwriter Mark Oshiro (Mark Watches Star Trek), ConQuesT’s Fan Guest of Honor in 2015, publicly aired his grievances about the racism, sexual harassment, and abuse he experienced at the con after working within the con’s complaint process produced no action.

Not expecting his Goodreads account would be deleted by next morning, Vox Day dropped in to make a provocative comment about it that kept people busy the rest of the day.

People liveblogged the meeting and discussed the many motions intended to make the Hugos less vulnerable to slating.

Program organizer Darrell Schweitzer learned never to name a panel “Spicy Oriental Zeppelin Stories,” among other things.

GRRM’s takedown of John C. Wright, and allegations that a Rabid Puppies choice for Best Fan Artists had created kiddie porn, fueled the day’s discussions.

Filers’ love for used bookstores, and vastly divergent views about what is the proper format for dates, drew hundreds of comments.

Vox Day convinced Black Gate to oust Foz Meadows’ guest post in which she referred to him as a “neo-Nazi.”

John C. Wright dropped by to disagree with a line in the day’s Scroll, ”John C. Wright deconstructed George R.R. Martin’s reconciliation post in ‘Peace on Mars, Good Will Toward Puppies.’” He admonished the editor “Please do not spread a false impression or create an appearance of division in the one case where none exists.” That kept people busy for days.

You’d be amazed how many comments can be stirred up by a discussion about the meaning of names in their original languages.

A news item triggered an extended argument about the difference between free speech and unbridled assholism when commenting about religion.

Comments on the concept of Twitter shadowbanning generated both heat and light, and continued alongside a discussion of whether pants-dropping at ConQuest was art or offense.

19. Pixel Scroll 4/28/16 All My Hugos

While some debated whether no-platforming the Puppies would work, others noodled improvements to E Pluribus Hugo, and Pixel Frost contributed the definitive Paulk’s Tavern poem which begins —

Whose bar this is I think I know
She’s on another planet though
And yet it can’t be sci-fi here
The bar’s a tavern, and there’s snow

Special guest troll KT kept people worked up for a week about a topic RedWombat summed up in this comment:

So KT tried to imply that Con or Bust gave Alexandra Erin money, and has no proof and refuses to look it up, but is really worked up about it, despite not knowing if it’s true. That’s…

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  3. Soon Lee: BTW, did the Dragon Award statistics ever get released?

    Not that I’ve seen. And the fellow from Dragon Con who answered my early questions stopped writing back after he read the comments here.

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