Tracks of the Puppy

Readers have been hard at work inventing new Hugo roundup titles. They often have to ask — Has this been used before?

To encourage their work I have made a list of all the titles in this series and will continue to update it as we go along.

So far it contains all the MAIN titles. When I have time tomorrow I will make another list of the subtitles.

12 thoughts on “Tracks of the Puppy

  1. Thanks, Mike! As someone who repeated this is very handy. I’ve no excuse now!

  2. What Tools these Puppies Be…(with apologies to the Bard)

  3. Harold and the Purple Puppy
    For Whom the Puppy Yowls
    Tom Swift and the Electric Puppy
    What Rough Puppy Slinks Toward Bethlehem To Be Born?

  4. If you put a million monkeys at a million word processors, one of them is bound to write a puppy title.

  5. Even a 45-seconds look at fandomfailanon makes my brain hurt. That stuff is the ultimate “Get a Life!” fodder in my worldview. For others, different _____ for different _____ and all that. It’s a free country, etc.

    For me, it’s on Permanent Avoidance. I’m glad I don’t have a Dreamwidth account, so I won’t accidentally come across it in the future while reading or working with something else.

    Have fun, those of you who like that sort of thing.

  6. David: “That stuff is the ultimate “Get a Life!” fodder in my worldview.”

    Fandom works in different ways for different people. You have no evidence that any of the people at FFA don’t have lives, or any basis to judge them for posting there, any more than people should judge you for posting here.

    Obviously FFA is not for people like you. Why do you begrudge it for people who enjoy it? Sounds like pure snobbery to me.

  7. Ann: snobbery? No, annoyance. The Hugo Awards have been hijacked by outsiders who are running what amounts to a number of Vanity Press Publications..

    And how long have you been in fandom?

  8. @Glenn Hauman,

    There is no stopping or controlling commenters. Puppy title suggestions are appearing all over the place, like a bad case of Spots.

    Run Spot Run. See Spot Run.

    And you thought herding cats was hard…

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