Jeb Kinnison Contribution Completes Heinlein Bust Funding

Jeb Kinnison, author of the Substrate Wars series, has generously met the Heinlein Society’s latest call for help to pay for the author’s bust that will be installed in the Hall of Famous Missourians. “I bit the bullet and funded the rest of the Heinlein bust so it would get done, maybe now in time for display at Worldcon KC,” he said.

The donation will trigger the rest of the matching funds available from the Heinlein Prize Trust and cover the costs of the bust, associated plaque, pedestal, and ceremony.

Kinnison has personal reasons for wanting to commemorate Heinlein’s influence

I noticed their fundraising update showed they were still short, and realized I should contribute the rest. I owe Robert A. Heinlein an enormous debt — I grew up fatherless in Kansas City, his hometown, and his novels for young readers taught me more about being a good person, and a good man, than any other person or author. His work (and other science fiction) aimed me toward becoming a scientist, which inspired me to work to get into MIT. I’ve retired after a series of careers (rather like Heinlein himself) to write science fiction and fact, and I want his example to continue to inspire young people.

Learn more about Kinnson and his work at The Substrate Wars blog, or pick up a copy of his latest novel Nemo’s World at Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Jeb Kinnison Contribution Completes Heinlein Bust Funding

  1. That’s definitely putting your money where your mouth is. I’m impressed.

  2. Thank you, Jeb Kinnson.

    Both fandom and Missouri are in your debt, and we should definitely pay it forward.

  3. Damn.

    Mike has it spelled two ways above, and I picked the wrong one. Sorry about that, Mr. Kinnison.

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