Trigger Snowflake and the Quicksilver Fallout

By Ingvar.

Trigger stretched his legs out, under the table.

“Ms. Dimatis, thank you for the cuppa. It smells absolutely delicious.”

“Thank you, Trigger. It is the new house blend and roast.” “Thankfully, all things Mercury should now be well behind us.” “Yes, it is such a relief that SysLiCon is back on track.”

With a wide and determined stride, Coraline entered the Coffee Emporium.

“Trigger! Barbara! You will ṉot believe what I just got my hands on!”

“Darling Coraline,” Trigger said, “what could you possibly mean?” “This! This here document. I have had it fast-translated from Mercurian, so it is not fully accurate.” “Could you summarize it for us?” asked Barbara.

“Well. Let me sit down and have a few sips of that delicious-smelling coffee first.”

Barbara waved her hand in a complicated gesture and Svein, the new server, quickly brought a fresh cup over and placed it in front of Coraline, who took a cautious sip of the hot liquid, then let a quiet sigh of pleasure escape over her lips.

“Summarize? Yes. You know how SysLiCon was held on Mercury last year? To the great consternation of many. But, this here document is possibly even worse than that whole debacle. The document I showed you? Well, it is from the Quicksilver City Business Committee, detailing a plan for how Mercury in general and Quicksilver City specifically will become system leaders in poetry, using the intellectual property of SysLiCon, the SysLiCon Awards and the new Poetry Centre that was built for last year’s SysLiCon.”

“But,” said Barbara, “Can they do that?”

“Well,” answered Trigger, “It’s not entirely clear, one way or the other. Mercury have always had a loose observation of the trademark, copyright, and patent laws of other countries. So from that perspective, it’s understandable that they would try something like this.”

“But,” said Coraline, “What can we do?”

“I don’t know,” Barabara said. “There may be something in the SysLiCon statutes to block them? And they did mention that they’ll try to get SysLiCon back to Mercury in five years. This means they’ll need to put a bid in for the planet selection, in three years. So, if we can fast-track some language around eligibility for planet to host SysLiCon, before that, we may at least stop that.”

The three of them slowly sipped their coffee, eyes downcast.

“Aha!” exclaimed Trigger. “If we require planets to have elections that feature more than a single party for at least five out of the last six, national elections? That should in the general case make sure SysLiCon only takes place on democratic planets. Let me draft a motion for the Annual Meeting at the next SysLiCon!”

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2 thoughts on “Trigger Snowflake and the Quicksilver Fallout

  1. … While the SysLiCon Annual Meeting was able to hold off attempts to bring SysLiCon back to Mercury for a few years, the Mercury Governing Party eventually found a loophole. Rather than allowing competing political parties, they arranged for certain organizations allied with the Governing Party to act as political parties and run in their elections. So now there were the Mercury Farmers’ Party, the Mercury Party for Democratic Progress, and a few others.

    Of course, these other parties never ran against the Mercury Governing Party. Rather, the Mercury Governing Party arranged that each of their allied parties would run unopposed in certain districts. Thus, each of the allied parties received representatives in the Parliament of Mercury — all of them understanding that they were to support the Mercury Governing Party on all matters

    When the Quicksilver City representatives made their next bid for SysLiCon, they were allowed to submit their bid on the grounds that Mercury did have multiple parties in its elections. Their allies on other planets carefully failed to discuss the fact that all of Mercury’s parties were allied with each other.

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