TV Misguidance

TV Guide

TV Guide

I was at a friend’s house last night and picked up his copy of TV Guide to read the story about Flashforward. Immediately, I crashed into the insulting statement that the series is based on a 1999 novel that nobody read.

I believe I’m repeating the line almost verbatim; some of you subscribers can check me. (I should have surreptitiously torn out the page to take home. When I searched the TV Guide magazine site today I found a great deal of that issue’s contents online, but not the segment containing this brutal comment.)

It seemed to me the writer’s intended point is that nobody can predict the story arc that the tv series will follow by reading Robert Sawyer’s book. But what an unfortunate line. And rather out of synch with the rest of the magazine’s favorable coverage of the series, judging from the other articles online.

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