Two More Free Books from TAFF

Two more classic trip reports have been added to the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund’s library of free downloads. And if you enjoy them, a donation to TAFF is a fine way to express your appreciation. All are available in several electronic formats.

Ron Bennett was the third UK fan to win TAFF, the second actually to make the trip to the US Worldcon (Solacon in South Gate, California, 1958), and the first to publish a full-length report of his experiences: Colonial Excursion, published in 1961.

The Ansible Editions ebook was prepared for the TAFF site with the kind permission of Ron’s son Andrew Bennett and released on 1 March 2023. 48,000 words. Cover photograph of Ron Bennett by Terry Jeeves, taken at the 1957 UK Eastercon.

Though Walt Willis is better known for his accounts of US conventions and travels in The Harp Stateside and Twice Upon a Time (included in TAWF Times Two), he also reported extensively on British cons. The Harp in England collects all seven of these reports – from the long and controversial account of the 1951 Festivention, through other 1950s events culminating in a mosaic of pieces for various fanzines on the first London Worldcon in 1957, and finally his return after a long absence from fandom to experience the infamous 1976 Eastercon.

First published as an Ansible Editions ebook for the TAFF site on 1 March 2023. Cover artwork by Atom (Arthur Thomson) from the front cover of Hyphen 14, June 1955. Close on 34,000 words.

[Thanks to David Langford for the story.]

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