Two New Pages

While looking for something in issues of Marty Cantor’s Holier Than Thou at, I came across several columns I wrote for him. I’ve added as “pages” two of them that Filers might find entertaining.

  • ”And In The Darkness Bind Them” tells what I saw standing in line outside a Westwood theater waiting to see Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings in its 1979 first run. Dr. Seuss wishes he was there!  
  • “Riverboat Gambler” gives readers a front-row seat in a LASFS den of iniquity as three experienced hearts players, including the near-legendary Lon Atkins, lightly fleece a newcomer with delusions of adequacy, young Mike Glyer.

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5 thoughts on “Two New Pages

  1. Fun articles. Looking at the Lord of the Rings one, I notice something I never knew before: in the animated film, Aragorn’s costume is stolen from Marvel comics! I mean seriously: forest green tunic with oversized leather belt and oversized buckle, and over it a forest green hooded cloak…that’s Doctor Doom’s outer gear, just missing the gold medallions and chain.
    Compare the poster art to this panel of Doctor Doom.

    In the movie itself, they seem to have lightened up the tunic to more of a beige color, which makes it a little less obvious. (You can see it on YouTube here.)

  2. P.S. In 1979, I didn’t have a car, or any fannish friends – and I lived in a rural area. Somehow I persuaded my uncle to drive me to the movie theater an hour from home, and pick me up later. Thanks Uncle!

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