Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore GoFundMe Approved

Don Blyly of Uncle Hugo’s.

Don Blyly, owner of Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis, told Facebook readers today they have taken over the GoFundMe originally announced by Alexi Vandenberg and it is now the authorized fundraiser.

Straight from Don: The guy from New Jersey who set up the GoFundMe page without permission was an honest guy just trying to help, but was over-eager. Last night he transferred the site over to Uncle Hugo’s. People no longer need fear that it is a scam from New Jersey.
Don Blyly

So friends, feel free to donate!

Uncle Hugo’s, in business since 1974, and neighboring mystery bookstore Uncle Edgar’s, since 1980, were burned May 30.  

Now renamed the “Official Help Save Uncle Hugo’s Fund”, the appeal’s change in status was explained in an update:

This is Sam Blyly-Strauss, Don’s son. Alexi has turned over the GoFundMe to my dad, who is having me handle the tech end of things. We’re still not sure what form any eventual rebuild of the business will take or what the timeline might end up being, but you can all rest assured that any donations to this GoFundMe will reach Don Blyly for use in rebuilding. As my day job is managing security for a multi-building site in Downtown Minneapolis, I’m pretty swamped right now but will be placing updates here when they become available. The Uncle Hugo’s Facebook page is another good place to check for general updates. I’ll respond to any questions as I’m able, but I can’t guarantee a super fast response time with everything else going on. Thank you all for your continued support in this difficult time.

The fund has raised $23,945 from 494 donors as of this hour.

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  1. The Mpls newspaper (Star Tribune) published a letter from someone in the insurance biz that says that no one should be denied coverage due to the rioting. I’m not sure if it got published in the Monday or the Tuesday paper, but it said to reach out to the state insurance commissioner or to the letter writer if anyone gets crap from their insurer about covering their business or personal losses.

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