Top 10 Posts for June 2020

A link to Paul Fraser’s critique of The Science Fiction Hall of Fame volume 1, 1970, edited by Robert Silverberg, set off such lively discussion in comments that the June 21 Scroll became the month’s most-read post.

In the Scroll-free Top 10, two of the three posts getting the most attention reported about Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore, destroyed by fire, and fundraising efforts to help owner Don Blyly. 

Here are the top 10 posts for June 2020 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 6/21/20 It Was Pixellation, I Know, Scrolling You All Alone
  2. Pixel Scroll 6/10/20 The Galileo Sevateem
  3. Pixel Scroll 6/26/20 Memory, All Alone In The Bookstore, Has The Store Lost My Authors, Oh, Wait, Here They All Are
  4. Pixel Scroll 6/25/20 You Scroll My Pixel Round Baby Right Round
  5. Pixel Scroll 6/13/20 Scroll Me The Pixel Of Alfredo Tsundoku
  6. Pixel Scroll 6/7/20 It’s Just An Old Fashioned Pixel Scroll, One I’m Sure They Wrote For You And Me
  7. Pixel Scroll 6/27/20 Red Scrolls At Night, Pixel’s Delight
  8. Pixel Scroll 6/9/20 I Can’t Scroll Yet, I Haven’t Seen The Pixel Story.
  9. Pixel Scroll 6/5/20 I’ve Got A File, You Can Comment If You Like, It’s Got A Pixel, A Scroll That Rhymes
  10. Pixel Scroll 6/22/20 Come Pixel Round Filers, Wherever You Scroll, And Admit That The Word Counts Around You Have Grown


  1. Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore GoFundMe Approved
  2. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #50
  3. Don Blyly Interviewed About Uncle Hugo’s Fire
  4. 2020 Locus Award Winners
  5. When Bob Madle Named The Hugos
  6. Bob Madle Turns 100 Today
  7. Dan Simmons Criticized for Remarks About Thunberg
  8. CoNZealand Hugo Voter Packet Available
  9. Amazon’s Best Books of 2020 So Far
  10. DisCon III Hotel Waits To Learn Fate

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for June 2020

  1. Any idea why the Simmons thing got so many readers nearly 9 months after it was originally posted?

  2. Danny Sichel: Yeah, I’ve gone and looked at the sources for the hits. There are people still getting around to writing their reactions to what Simmons said about Thunberg, and in respect to that what effect it’s had on their opinion of his books, usually negative, because the people who admire what he said don’t link to my blog (even when they’re taking off from my post).

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