Under Where?

f029_star_trek_boxer_briefsThinkgeek is selling Officially Licensed Star Trek Boxer Briefs

These Officially Licensed Star Trek Boxer Briefs come in a package of three, so you’ll have one each of Command Gold, Operations Red, and Science Blue. The Starfleet insignia is on your left leg. A black button on the fly enables easy access to your liquid waste removal system for when nature calls. Soft, comfortable, and sexy, these boxer briefs will help you understand why Kirk was so popular with the ladies.

They’re $29.99 a pack and offered in four sizes. (Is Thinkgeek being overly optimistic, marketing a “small” size to fans?)

[Via Gerry Williams.]

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10 thoughts on “Under Where?

  1. “(Is Thinkgeek being overly optimistic, marketing a “small” size to fans?)”

    Not all fans are large.

  2. Well, Morris, that may be so, though a look at old fannish photos will show you that today’s fans tend to be considerably larger in girth than those in the ’50s. FWIW, I understand that Trojan and Durex don’t market “small” conda.

  3. I hesitate to ask — What is the right place? Where Larry Niven pinned his L.A.con membership badge when he dueled Russell Seitz with champagne bottles?

  4. I don’t know the Niven/Seitz story, but as for the Starfleet arrowhead, ask yourself where something would be which points upward?

  5. Yes, same place. The L.A.con badges were potmetal discs about 3″ in diameter. They were the one piece of “armor” each duellist was allowed.

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