V*** for Me, Ray Bradbury!

Rachel Bloom’s “F*** Me, Ray Bradbury” music video made the 2011 Hugo ballot in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category.

John King Tarpinian took this photo while Ray was watching that video for the very first time.

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2 thoughts on “V*** for Me, Ray Bradbury!

  1. Guess there just weren’t five decent episodes of Dr. Who available this year.

    Maybe Guy should change the name of his fanzine to Fuck It, Give Me a Hugo; he’d probably win, as he’d pick up the same voting bloc that nominated the Bradbury video and that stupid Gollum short. After this, no way we can claim that fandom is any more highbrow than anyone who watches Two and a Half Men.

  2. @Rich: I’m glad I was drinking water when I read your post. Bottled water spew is much easier to clean off of a laptop monitor.

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