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Mark Van Name will be giving 100% of his proceeds from hardcover sales of Children No More (Baen) to Falling Whistles, a charity that helps rehabilitate and reintegrate child soldiers in the Congo. The novel’s official release date is August 3.

For more information about this promise, visit To learn more about the subject of child soldiers and Falling Whistles’ work, visit

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Lose yourself in other worlds. Do good in this one.

Author Mark L. Van Name donates 100% of his proceeds from the hardback edition of his new novel, Children No More, to help save children in war

Baen Books writer Mark Van Name is donating 100% of his proceeds from the hardcover sales of his new novel, Children No More, to charity Falling Whistles to help rehabilitate and reintegrate child soldiers in the Congo. The book’s official release date is August 3, and it should be available for pre-order at your favorite bookseller.

Raleigh, NC — August 3, 2010 – Children No More is the fourth novel in the Jon and Lobo series, which follows the adventures of a nanotech-enhanced ex-soldier and his sentient predator-class assault vehicle across multiple future worlds. Though Children No More is a fictional adventure story, it also tackles difficult issues surrounding child soldiers and their reintegration into society.

“Baen Books is proud to publish Mark Van Name’s Children No More and to announce this unusual program,” said Publisher Toni Weisskopf, “not only because the novel is a superb and moving story, but also because we fully support the cause of reintegrating and rehabilitating child soldiers.”

Falling Whistles is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, CA that works with community leaders in eastern Congo to rehabilitate and reintegrate war-affected children through health, education, job training, and extracurricular programs. Estimates suggest 30,000 children are serving as soldiers in Congo and up to 300,000 doing so around the world. Even after having escaped from the adults who enslaved them, many child soldiers are drawn back into war. Falling Whistles works to prevent these cycles of violence by reintegrating children into their communities.

“Falling Whistles works to rehabilitate children and to advocate for peace in our world’s deadliest war, now taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” said David Lewis of Falling Whistles. “With Children No More, Mark Van Name adds his voice to a growing coalition of whistleblowers who are creatively speaking up for peace in Congo and asking for a new era where children are no longer forced to the front lines. His donation will help rehabilitate war-affected kids in Congo.”

For more information on this donation program, visit To learn more about the subject of child soldiers and Falling Whistles’ work, visit To ask specific questions or find out more about the Jon and Lobo series and Mark Van Name, visit his Web site,, or his blog,

Children No More will be available as of August 3, 2010 at your favorite bookstore or online bookseller.

About the Author

Mark L. Van Name is a writer and technologist. As a science fiction author, he has published four novels, edited or co-edited two anthologies, and written many short stories. Those stories have appeared in a wide variety of books and magazines, including Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, many original anthologies, and The Year’s Best Science Fiction. As a technologist, he is the CEO of a fact-based marketing and technology assessment firm, Principled Technologies, Inc., that is based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. He has worked with computer technology for his entire professional career and has published over a thousand articles in the computer trade press, as well as a broad assortment of essays and reviews.

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