Video Roundup: Unexpected Encounters

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Morticia, Vampira, and Elvira.

(2) Screen Prism explains the meaning of the Golden Mean in Game of Thrones.

(3) Screen Prism explains the ending of Donnie Darko.

(4) Watch Mojo says these 10 video games should NEVER be made into movies.  Too late.  Some are already in the works.  For example, Paul Anderson of the Resident Evil franchise is already adapting Monster Hunter.

(5) War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves will direct the next Batman movie.  In an interview with New Trailer Buzz, Reeves compares Caesar and Batman.

(6) Batman and Bruce Wayne have a conversation

2 thoughts on “Video Roundup: Unexpected Encounters

  1. 3 – Going over what Donnie Darko took up a lot of discussions for a couple months as a teenager. Watching that video just was deja vu.

    4 – Wait what? Paul W Anderson is doing Monster Hunter?! Oh god. He is. Oh no.

    I disagree for most of the reasons presented while agreeing on many of the games. Monster Hunter isn’t steeped in lore, there’s nearly no narrative for Anderson to throw out the window in favor on complete nonsense. There’s a specific aesthetic and way things are, but all of that can translate to film. The game itself though is hunting giant monsters, and within the games only a few actually present danger the rest you seek out to gain licenses to hunt bigger monsters and better gear. It’s fun to play in the every battle is sort of a boss battle that can take 30 minutes or more and require planning and preparing the gear for, but it’s never going to translate to a movie well.

    Ditto Elder Scrolls. Although that game has a bunch of lore but the point is that every player gets to explore it in their own way on their own terms, something a movie can’t provide. Zelda takes place over thousands of years in different forms and formats so they’d have to choose one. Metroid of all of them would work well as it’s pretty much Alien only if the Aliens were experimented on to make bioweapons but mostly just wanted to be left alone but we kill them all anyways just to prevent others from using them as weapons as well. The reasons they don’t think Portal would work are the reasons why Cube the movie does work. They could make Metal Gear Solid with Merle filling in some of the gaps as a narrator, but you’d lose the parts that questioned the player experience.

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