Vincent Preis 2022 and Rein A. Zondergeld Preis Winners

The winners of the Vincent Preis 2022 and Rein A. Zondergeld Preis for German horror literature were announced on May 12.

A total of 63 people voted and cast 490 votes.

Thanks to Cora Buhlert for providing the English translations.


Best Novel – National

  • Thomas Lohwasser, Vanessa Kaiser, Thomas Karg – Die Erben Abaddons: Verfall (The Heirs of Abaddon: Decay), Torsten Low

Best International Literary Work

  • Michael Schmidt & Matthias Käther (eds.) – Fantastic Pulp 3, Blitz Verlag

Best Short Story

  • Oliver Müller – “Im Namen der heiligen Jungfrau Maria” (“In the Name of the Holy Virgin Mary”) in Dark Empire

Best Anthology/Magazine

Best Short Story Collection

Best Horror Artwork

Best Horror Dime Novel

These are monthly or weekly 64-page fiction magazines in A5 format, which are sold at newsstands. They come in a variety of genres and are either long-running series centered around a single character (John Sinclair and Professor Zamorra are both occult detectives) or anthology series offering different stories every issue such as Gespenster-Krimi

Special Award

  • Eric Hantsch for many years of organizing the Vincent-Preis, for his work as an editor and publisher and his services to fandom and classic.

2022 REIN A. ZONDERGELD – PREIS for secondary and tertiary literary contributions to the fantasy genre

Best Non-Fiction Book

Best Short Non-Fiction

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