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Even the official “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” blog loves this fan fiction about an episode of the NPR quiz show set during a zombie apocalypse, titled “Wait Wait Don’t Eat Me!”

CARL: “I am tired of these m-f’ing zombies in my m-f’ing White House!”

PETER: That was a slightly edited version of a quote from which world leader, in response to the zombie threat?

STEVE: Brains?

PETER: No, I’m sorry, it was Vice-President Joe Biden, who went, and we quote the vice-president again, “all Samuel L. Jackson on their asses.” President Obama, meanwhile, defended the West Wing with a functioning lightsaber that the Pentagon had apparently built for him in secret.

[Via James Hay.]

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3 thoughts on “Wait, Wait Slash

  1. Apologies for the comment abuse. I am clueless (that happens when you get chemo and fatigue) and I cannot find an email link to send a message to you in charge of this blog. It’s probably really obvious, I just can’t find it. :-/

    I am Elana, creator of the Jumpgate Pins, and I have a message of gratitude for all of you in SF Fandom who helped me last December. 🙂


    Please let folks know that I am grateful for how you all helped me in a difficult time. Permission given to repost that content anywhere you wish. 🙂

    You may now delete this inappropriate, out-of-place comment. Thank you. 🙂

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