Warren Buff Back Home After His Vehicle Is Totaled by Runaway Big-Rig

The wreckage of Buff’s F-150 is at right.

Conrunner Warren Buff was one of two people treated and released after being hurt in a big rig crash in Buena Vista, VA on June 3.

The WDBJ7 story reports:

Buena Vista Police say it appears the big rig lost brakes traveling west on Route 60 into the city. The driver wasn’t able to maneuver the truck onto the truck ramp continuing into the city, and went up an embankment, rolling onto its side back into the road, hitting the railroad [trestle] supports and another truck traveling east on 60.

As Buff told Facebook friends in a post (quoted with permission):

That was me in the F-150. Any landing you can walk away from….

Frankly, the truck driver did amazingly well to only hit me. He dodged a whole lot of people in town, and did a great job using the rail overpass to stop himself. I had the misfortune to be in a no-option position by the time he was visible, and just stopped and waited.

Buff chaired the 2010 NASFiC, was part of two Southern Worldcon bids in the past decade, and was in the center of the 1000 Years of Fandom photo taken at Worldcon 76 in 2018.

He was initially taken to the hospital for tests. Some hours later he added on Facebook: “I’m home, now. Sore, but doing quite well for the circumstances.”  He also says, “I highly commend the engineers at Ford, who put together pretty good safety features.”

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8 thoughts on “Warren Buff Back Home After His Vehicle Is Totaled by Runaway Big-Rig

  1. Wow, I’m glad to hear that Warren is okay. That could have been so much worse.

  2. I’m glad he’s all right! I once lost an acquaintance to a runaway truck roaring down into Golden, Colorado from the high Rockies.

    That truck looks like what was left after “30,000 Pounds of Bananas” (the Harry Chapin song). I gather the semi driver also survived.

    At first, I wondered why truckers would have runaway-truck problems in Virginia, and then checked a map. It seems that the high hills of western Virginia can be every bit as tricky as our mountains here in Colorado when it comes to driving trucks.

  3. John A Arkansawyer: “Just stopped and waited”–man!

    Yeah, just imagine seeing that coming at you and realizing it might be the last thing you ever see. 🙁

  4. Holy moly! That’s a get right with god kind of experience. Everyone involved needs a vacation. I’ll talk to everyone’s manager if it will help.

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