Watts Trial, 3/17 Update

The second day of Peter Watts’ trial began with three U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers testifying about stopping Watts’ car and allegations that he assaulted and resisted Officer Andrew Beaudry.

Watts’ attorney Douglas Mullkoff has said the defense will call two witnesses and that Watts plans to testify.

Late last night the Have Satellite Truck, Will Travel blogger, who attended the first day of Peter Watts’ trial (March 16), posted an account of the opening statements plus details of the first witness’s testimony unavailable elsewhere. He followed up with some editorial comments, the most significant being:

…There is a video tape. It was not shown today, but both sides alluded to it. Mullkoff stated that if the prosecution did not introduce it, he would. Watts himself told me the tape is not very good, that he was but a “few pixels” in the frame. And here I thought we’d spent millions putting cameras all over the border.

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