Westercon 67 Update

Salt Lake City plays host to the 2014 Westercon from July 3-6 at the Marriott City Creek Hotel. And what a slate of sf and science personalities will be there —

Guest List:

Registration Deal: The con is offering an installment plan for those who want to lock in its $50 attending membership rate now but need to pay in smaller bites.

Through June 1, fans have the option to sign on a plan that lets them pay $25 now and $25 at the door. Full details on the Registration page.

FantasyCon Bonus: Westercon has arranged with FantasyCon, a media-oriented convention happening July 3-5 in the Salt Palace (right across the street from the Marriott) for Westercon 67 members to get into FantasyCon for FREE!

Art Focus: The following artists will participate in the Westercon art show:

Jim Belfiore (Virgil Visions)
Peri Charlifu (Aegean Goods)
Sarah Clemens
Daniel Cortopassi
Meredith Dillman
Jessica Douglas
Ronnie Hansen (MonsterhedZ)
Robert Keck (Digital Dreams)
Johnna Klukas
Heather Kreiter (Shaman Soul Studios)
Tabitha Ladin
Theresa Mather
Diane M. Mathieson
Shauna McKain-Storey
Heather Monson
Betsy Mott
David Lee Pancake
Mark Roland
Jennie A. Roller
Ralph J. Ryan
Sarah B. Seiter
Brandy Stark
Donna Lynne M. Stevenson
Keliana Tayler
Bobbie Berendson Wilcox (Metallic Visions)
Bridget E. Wilde