WFC 2024 To Be Held In Niagara Falls

World Fantasy Convention 2024 will be held from October 16-20, 2024 in Niagara Falls, NY.

The host organization will be New Amsterdam Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom Inc. (NASF3), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that also runs the annual Heliosphere.

The group recently unveiled a website with the announcement, however, it has yet to be listed on the official WFC website as of this writing.

The venue will be the Niagara Falls Convention Center.  The members of the committee are Debi Chowdhury, Mary Catelynn Cunningham, Judy Bemis (Treasurer), Todd Dashoff (Hotel Liaison), Scott Zrubek (Art Show), Mark Richards, Liz Crefin, Joni Dashoff, Bryan Herring, and Louise Amy Herring.

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4 thoughts on “WFC 2024 To Be Held In Niagara Falls

  1. First, Amtrak does service Niagara Falls, NY on
    it’s routes to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not all
    those trains stop in Buffalo. The local transit service
    NFTA does serve both Erie County (Buffalo) and
    Niagara County (N.F.) with two routes connecting
    the two cities.
    Second, you may find AAA excursions to the
    Seneca Niagara Casino which is just across a
    plaza from the Convention Center.
    Third, have a Passport or Enhanced Driver’s
    License for crossing into & back again from
    Canada. The other side is much more tourist
    centered with many more attractions than the
    USA side. Have receipts for anything that you
    are taking across. If you bought over a thousand
    dollars worth, you may need a customs broker.
    And if you do cross, don’t forget the Duty-Free
    store on returning.

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