Where Are We?

By John Hertz: (reprinted from Vanamonde 1234 – which is, he notes, “the last sequentially numbered issue until the year 2038”)

Troubling me about fandom these days is not so much young folks’ failing to heed old folks and old folks’ failing to heed young folks but more generally our failing to Look out!  By which I don’t mean Something will hurt you any second now but, as I sometimes put it, Be bigger than your immediate adventure.  This is of course an element of human nature evident across cultures and eras.  Diversity magnifies it.  It’s related to What haven’t I thought of?– a question which can’t be answered but is nevertheless vital so had better be managed – here diversity helps – and Why wait to be taught?  Also to the limitations of “role models”, and why neither theory nor practice alone is safe to rely on.

6 thoughts on “Where Are We?

  1. Here in 1752, we ask ourselves much the same questions. They seem to be important now when we start to measure out the border between Sweden and Norway.

  2. Well, here in 1788 we here in the new United States of America are becoming dubious about the Articles of Confederation and seriously considering ratifying this newfangled Constitution thingy.

  3. Here in 9893, this “Constitution” of which you speak is now a distant memory, but I seem to recall it worked out a lot better than the Articles. Go for it!

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