Where No Lizard Has Gone Before

Russian scientists are training geckos to go into space aboard a research satellite:

“Geckos don’t need much special training because of their particular way of life — they are not badly fitted to extreme conditions,” [the spokesman] said. “Even under effects of unusual gravity changes, you see that they don’t care where they run, on the floor, wall or ceiling.”

We already know they’re great at selling insurance. Will they be equally great as space explorers?

If William Shatner’s career is any guide, probably so.

[Thanks to Janice Gelb for the link.]

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One thought on “Where No Lizard Has Gone Before

  1. Hard to imagine any more profound instance of science on the march…

    “After, $17,000,000 and 6 years of intense research, we can say with certainty that geckos will not let go of the walls of their containers while in zero G! When forced to do so, they vomit. To acertain if they will behave any differentl if kept in zero-G for over 2 years, we will have to spend another $21,000,000 and 8 years of fully funded research.”

    Science at its best, yessir.

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